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Below are links to some of the writing I've done or have planned:

  • Diary of a Contract Killer Series
  • The Dominatrix Wore Red
  • The Dominatrix Was Blue
  • Jane of the Jungle
  • Player at the Real Game
  • The Starfarer's Journal
  • Shenandoah Treasure Hunt
  • Domestique
  • Lily's Party
  • A Beautiful Dream
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  • The Dominatrix Wore Red

    Murder Mystery

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    Logline: The Dominatrix with a PhD, who may be a murderer, has erudite conversations with the investigating Detective, who may be falling for her.

    Hap has been a detective for over a decade, a police officer more than twice that. In all that time, he's never dealt with the BDSM subculture, yet that's exactly what he needs to know about for his latest case.

    The nude victim, a Senator's aide - who has Top Secret clearances - is tied to his bed. Strangled, it's obvious he enjoyed his demise. The scene is almost entirely devoid of evidence. Just an imprint of a high-heeled shoe on his chest and three strands of long brunette hair. Hair that's the exact color and length of Mistress Elise, whose contact info is among the victim's possessions.

    Mistress Elise, the Dominatrix with a PhD, provides BDSM services along with erudite conversation. She's coy with Hap, proving her brilliance isn't limited to her occupation and academic research.

    Hap can't figure if Elise is his prime suspect or an exceptionally capable subculture consultant. The more he learns, the less he understands.

    And the bodies keep piling up.

    This started as a novel, but wound up being a novella that I never quite finished, but then turned into a screenplay.

    If you would like to see a portion of the screenplay, a PDF is here

    Thanks to Rosso Winch at https://www.artstation.com/rossowinch for the concept art and Daria Brennan at http://beegraphica.com/ for the lettering:

    A friend came up with this idea for a poster:

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