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Below are links to some of the writing I've done or have planned:

  • Diary of a Contract Killer Series
  • The Dominatrix Wore Red
  • The Dominatrix Was Blue
  • Jane of the Jungle
  • Player at the Real Game
  • The Starfarer's Journal
  • Shenandoah Treasure Hunt
  • Domestique
  • Lily's Party
  • A Beautiful Dream
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  • Player at the Real Game

    Action/adventure - synopsis written

    Logline: In order to be the best in these corporate sponsored gladiatorial games, the apprentice must kill her master. "Hunger Games" meets original "Rollerball."

    Maria is studying under the very best. She worked hard to become the winning candidate and works harder still to master what she's learning now. She also wants to be the very best in these corporate sponsored gladiatorial games. To be the very best, though, means she must eliminate her mentor.

    After Maria's mentor has taught her all he knows, she forms a team who all want revenge on him. The most well-known of these is Harold. He and Maria form an uneasy alliance. She feels he takes too many risks, he thinks she's too sympathetic.

    Maria's mentor knows the score and has no intention of being supplanted. As they battle in the arena, allies and enemies fall. Finally, it's just Maria, Harold and her mentor. Who will prevail? Who will prove to be the very best?

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