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Below are links to some of the writing I've done or have planned:

  • Diary of a Contract Killer Series
  • The Dominatrix Wore Red
  • The Dominatrix Was Blue
  • Jane of the Jungle
  • Player at the Real Game
  • The Starfarer's Journal
  • Shenandoah Treasure Hunt
  • Domestique
  • Lily's Party
  • A Beautiful Dream
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  • Diary of a Contract Killer

    The series follows two generations of a unique family as they go about their business of espionage, kidnapping and assassination while learning to love and live with one another.

    Book 1: Trained Killers, Falling in Love

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    When I was intent on self publishing, I begain working with Daria Brennan at http://beegraphica.com/ to develop a cover. Click the image for a larger view.

    Logline: An unconventional love story between trained killers.

    ~78K. Adult contemporary fiction, with elements of spy, crime and espionage, tied together with the love story. This story is told in the first person POV of Seacay, largely in present-tense.

      Enter the mind of an international contract killer.

      Analytical, patient, and methodical, Seacay works alone since leaving the special forces; he sees any dependency as weakness. Seacay works when he wants, charges what he likes, and moves around the world anonymously. Picking up women - the more, the better - Seacay enjoys spending his money and building his secure mansion in the mountains.

      Seacay's life is perfect... until a gorgeous Brazilian spy complicates a routine mission. More intelligent than she is beautiful, Isabel has lightning-fast, deadly reflexes. Almost involuntarily, Seacay collaborates with Isabel and her team to complete his mission.

      After they go their separate ways, Seacay's left with feelings he's never experienced and doesn't understand. He throws himself into work just to clear out the cobwebs.

      In the ensuing years, fate, and Isabel's girlfriend, Tessa - a matchmaking fellow spy - conspire to bring Seacay and Isabel back together. But Seacay fights fate - and Tessa - until Isabel suddenly vanishes.

      Can Seacay find Isabel? Should he?

      Negotiating unfamiliar feelings, Seacay throws himself into this new rescue mission.

      But will it be too late to save Isabel?

    If you'd like to read about my thought process for this story, click here.

    For a sample of the first couple of chapters, click here

    Book 2: New Circumstances

    Logline: Psychopathic killers, learning to live together.

    ~75K. Adult contemporary fiction, with elements of spy, crime and espionage.

      Seacay, Isabel and Tessa have to forge a way to work together as a loving partnership and contract killing team. They must adapt their very different backgrounds and personalities into a cohesive whole.

      Seacay, the loner, must learn to work as part of a team.

      Isabel, despite her expertise as a sex lure, needs to learn about love.

      Tessa must develop the confidence to work independently from her old Agency.

      During this process, a stunning secret is revealed, forcing them to reevaluate many life-long choices made or avoided. With this process barely begun, the team takes a job in the snowy North that seems to conspire against them at every turn. Afterwards, the trio undertake a job where the least risky part is the execution, the preliminary research and exfiltration afterwards are even more dangerous.

    This story, except for two chapters towards the end, is told in first person POV, but alternates between the POV of the three protagonists. The stories are told mostly in present-tense though has sections of history in past-tense.
    For a sample of the first couple of chapters, click here

    Book 3: Training Manual

    Logline: Training a psychopathic killer.

    (~75K) Adult contemporary fiction, with elements of spy, crime and espionage tied together with an unconventional coming of age story. Told in first-person alternating between present-tense and flashbacks to relevant training.

      I was kidnapped at 8 by a total stranger. Held prisoner in his house. Subject to continuous exhausting training, where I was beaten every time I failed or lost focus. The training was carefully designed to turn me into a spy/assassin. Nearly 10 years later, my training is complete and I'm on my first mission. My first chance to escape. This is my story...

      Go inside Angelina's mind as she puts her training to work and learns confidence in herself.

      Can she reconcile herself to her alien situation? Can she manage as team lead? Will her trained reflexes be enough to save her family?

    For a sample of the first couple of chapters, click here

    Book 4: Courting a Killer

    Logline: Courting a psychopathic killer.

    (not started; target ~80K) Adult Contemporary fiction, with elements of spy, crime and espionage, tied together with an unconventional romance and coming of age story.

      JJ knows the precise instant he fell in love with his best friend, Angelina. It was also the same moment his heart broke. What's the issue? Beyond the usual teenage angst, there's the three year difference in age; huge when you're fourteen. Then there's the matter that Angelina has spent nearly a decade training with her father to be a contract killer. Oh, then there's the reality that Angelina has trained under one of her moms as a sex lure, complete with gigolos. Not to mention her other mom training Angelina to be a world-class expert in deadly hand-to-hand combat.

      JJ knows how foolish it is to to be love with a sociopathic killer, but he just can't help himself. He works to make himself irresistible to Angelina, but knows he'll never be able to be a consciousness killing machine. Can JJ reconcile himself to his conflicting desires? Can he survive his self-imposed training regime to convince Angelina he can be more than a friend? Can JJ keep from getting captured, or worse, as he learns to 'play' in Angelina's world?

    Book 5: Vignettes (or, perhaps, "Odds and Ends")

    Logline: Different points of view of the family of sociopathic killers.

    Nine stories totalling 46K written of a goal of twenty reaching ~80K.

    Contemporary fiction, with elements of spy, crime and espionage.

      A collection of short stories regarding this interesting family, some told by others, some by themselves, some in third person. The periods covered are from when Seacay was a child to the end of the trio's career as a professionals. This collection is intended to have a novella of 20-30K that shows the whole family working together as a team to try and take out an expert assassin from Isabel's past.

      Isabel and Tessa are in an unusual situation: captured by the target and being interrogated. They have a history with this target: she was a wet-works asset for their agency, and Isabel was instrumental in her being fired. The client wants the target dead, she's sometimes indiscriminate and leaves collateral damage in her wake. As the target starts her interrogation, Isabel responds with unusual meekness. Where is the rest of the family?

    Three samples (continuity wise, these stories happen before the first DoaCK novel):
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